About Us


Success comes from a broader vision.

An excellent vision is a key driver for Rosso to lead the industry. Rosso is legend began to rise in 1977 as the creator of the new standard of men underwear. Quality to thai people With a sense of change in customer demand, Rosso is committed to doing business with a focus on quality. Sewing procedure It has always been faithful and responsible to this day, over the past four decades. All products have been manufactured under the meticulous. And it is so good that Rosso has a reputation for growing business. By holding a market share of 48%, it is the 1 country in the world to guarantee success. And penetrate into the world market is not surprising.

Understanding the wearer. Heart of success

With an understanding of the needs of consumers. Want high quality products. At the right price, Rosso is committed to developing the production process using Machinery and high technology Developed with an expert team of physiologists. To design and produce products to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign wearers. Advanced technology is designed to be used as a quality checker. Designed by a team of physiotherapists, it is the heart of every product being worn comfortably. Including the selection of high quality raw materials meet international standards. All of this makes all Rosso products different than their competitors. Because of the high quality. To meet the needs of consumers.

Rosso, Thai brand to become a global brand.

From a comprehensive distribution channel. Rosso is strength is that consumers can find Rosso products anywhere in the country. Whether in the hypermarket leading department store. General store And above all, Rosso is products have also been exported to all over the world. Be it European, American, and including neighbors. In the ASEAN countries, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, etc., this is because Rosso has been well recognized and supported by both partners in both. And abroad forever with confidence in the product and the potential of Rosso. Rosso employees is so popular and it is growing every day until today we are proud to bring the Thai brand under the name of Rosso to be the number one Men underwear in the country and AEC.

1977 Founded Company by Mr.Kampol Chatthamrak

2004 Open authorize dealer in Vietnam and Cambodia

2005 Expand dealer to Laos & Myanmar

2006 Re-brand with new logo and communication campaign

2012 Open 1st oversea branch in Vietnam

2014 Open 2nd oversea branch in Cambodia